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Learn Hungarian

Ko ako ne vi i mi? – Vi i Excalibur. Kad ako ne sad? – Počinje 22.01.2018. Šta već znamo o tome? Koristi se latinica. Svaka reč se naglašava na prvom slogu bez obzira na dužinu reči. Volim „szeretlek“ da znam „igen“, da pozdravljam sa „szervusz“, a radiće sa nama […]

New Term

New Term A new year is beginning just like us – we are also begining with a new term. Seniors start on Monday, 08/01/2018. Juniors start on Monday, 15/01/2018. Seniors are registering for two months and they should pay the first installment. Juniors have registered for the whole year and […]

Teaching Methods

Teaching Methods: We Teach Communication Communication, by definition, is the exchange of ideas, information, etc. between two or more people. So, there is usually at least one ‘speaker’ or ‘writer’, a message that is transmitted, and at least one ‘listener’ or ‘reader’ for whom this message is intended. Therefore, life […]

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