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Learn Hungarian

Ko ako ne vi i mi? – Vi i Excalibur. Kad ako ne sad? – Počinje 24.09.2018. Šta već znamo o tome? Koristi se latinica. Svaka reč se naglašava na prvom slogu bez obzira na dužinu reči. Volim „szeretlek“ da znam „igen“, da pozdravljam sa „szervusz“, a radiće sa nama […]

Teaching Methods

Teaching Methods: We Teach Communication Communication, by definition, is the exchange of ideas, information, etc. between two or more people. So, there is usually at least one ‘speaker’ or ‘writer’, a message that is transmitted, and at least one ‘listener’ or ‘reader’ for whom this message is intended. Therefore, life […]

Appreciating Creativity

6 Illuminating Ideas for Teaching English Creatively 1. Teach Through Play 2. Incorporate Students’ Interests into Your Lessons 3. Celebrate Student Accomplishments 4. Conduct Classroom Experiments 5. Encourage Reflective Thinking 6. Foster Connections Between Students

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