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Cheap is Good, but Good is NOT Cheap

Regarding the picture above, the “student” has provided a very detailed image of the final expected goal. The student has made one or 2 mistakes in the selection of the school.

Potential mistake 1: The student opted to ask for a price for the classes and jumped on the opportunity with a dumped cost provider without considering the outcome.

Potential mistake 2: The student did no research, such as the way you teach; how much the language is forced, or whether there have been previous results of other students and whether the school is on par with the student’s expectations.

Potential mistake 3: The school grossly overestimated their ability. They say to be teaching 10 languages. They dumped their prices because they were not aware of their costs. Most likely this school will provide services that unfortunately lead the client down the path of disconnect between the school and student.

Potential mistake 4: The teachers are not qualified for the profession. Michael was born in Liverpool. He left the secondary school, finished a course of fitness consultancy and now he would like to teach English here in Novi Sad. The school says they have a native speaker to teach students.

To potentially avert risks associated with any of the four mistakes as listed, there is a model of due-diligence required by both the student and the school. When selecting a school, the student should consider some of these points:

  1. School experience of the levels and courses in relation to the student’s expected outcome?
  2. School affiliations and/or recognition by peers and/or customers?
  3. Levels, courses, operational efficiencies relating to student’s time needed to prepare, who does what regarding teacher/student, etc.?
  4. Does or has the school actually provided similar results with success in the past, and can they substantiate what the school is saying they would provide?
  5. What differentiates the school or elevates them above the other schools?

These questions will allow a better judgement of cost versus the value of the language school. Be leery of the school that tries to sell you on the promise of price alone, as often there will be a surprise around the corner.

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