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Learn Chinese (Mandarin) with Hanxi Zhu

The most widely spoken language is? Mandarin! The hardest language to learn is? Mandarin! Want to challenge yourself? Come and join our free trial class on Thursday (11 Oct) evening at Excalibur. Class for children: 7:00 – 7:30pm Through games, children will learn how to count numbers in Chinese. Class […]

Full Sail

Full Sail, ahead! 27.08. aboard for the 19th voyage. Setting off for new frontiers. Happy to sail together on the deck of Excalibur! Your Excalibur

Belief into Practice

Beliefs Into Practice from Karlo Poljakovic

Let’s Just Talk

Let’s Just Talk Masterclass with Karlo Poljaković, COTE and Cambridge Examiner Join my conversation course which has been specifically developed to help improve your English speaking skills and build up your confidence during daily interactions. You may have great writing, reading and listening skills, but find holding a conversation extremely […]

Teaching Professionally

Teaching Professionally Masterclass with Dušica Živković, CELTA & Karlo Poljaković, COTE There is a growing interest in the professional development of English teachers as the demands, expectations, and requirements of teacher education come under scrutiny. A professional educator is always learning and growing their craft. They are on an endless […]

Hungarian Masterclass with Judit Habram

Hungarian Masterclass with Judit Habram Yes, Hungarian can be “hard”, but our Judit can show you it doesn’t have to be like that. Learn Hungarian with a native Hungarian speaker and you will soon be able to communicate with your Hungarian neighbours and travel to Hungary without feeling of discomfort.

Main Suit

First Knights and Ladies of Excalibur   1 Lady Nevena Popović 2 Sir Aleksandar Mrmoš 3 Lady Slađana Lazendić 4 Lady Ana Lazić 5 Lady Tamara Jovanović 6 Lady Tatjana Stanojlović 7 Lady Isidora Bjelaković 8 Lady Majda Cerić 9 Sir Mihailo Jovanović 10 Sir Danko Miočinović 11 Sir Slobodan […]

Teaching Methods

Teaching Methods: We Teach Communication Communication, by definition, is the exchange of ideas, information, etc. between two or more people. So, there is usually at least one ‘speaker’ or ‘writer’, a message that is transmitted, and at least one ‘listener’ or ‘reader’ for whom this message is intended. Therefore, life […]

Appreciating Creativity

6 Illuminating Ideas for Teaching English Creatively 1. Teach Through Play 2. Incorporate Students’ Interests into Your Lessons 3. Celebrate Student Accomplishments 4. Conduct Classroom Experiments 5. Encourage Reflective Thinking 6. Foster Connections Between Students

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