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Excalibur zove!

U toku je upis u “Excalibur”. Nastava će se održavati u skladu sa epidemiološkim merama i preporukama, pa je, zbog toga, organizovan raspored stolova koji omogućava održavanje distance, grupe su smanjene na pet polaznika, obezbeđena su sredstva za dezinfekciju, a svaka učionica ima poseban ulaz spolja, kako se deca ne […]

Cheap is Good, but Good is NOT Cheap

Regarding the picture above, the “student” has provided a very detailed image of the final expected goal. The student has made one or 2 mistakes in the selection of the school. Potential mistake 1: The student opted to ask for a price for the classes and jumped on the opportunity with […]

Let’s Just Talk

Let’s Just Talk Masterclass with Karlo Poljaković, COTE and Cambridge Examiner Join my conversation course which has been specifically developed to help improve your English speaking skills and build up your confidence during daily interactions. You may have great writing, reading and listening skills, but find holding a conversation extremely […]

Main Suit

First Knights and Ladies of Excalibur   1 Lady Nevena Popović 2 Sir Aleksandar Mrmoš 3 Lady Slađana Lazendić 4 Lady Ana Lazić 5 Lady Tamara Jovanović 6 Lady Tatjana Stanojlović 7 Lady Isidora Bjelaković 8 Lady Majda Cerić 9 Sir Mihailo Jovanović 10 Sir Danko Miočinović 11 Sir Slobodan […]

Appreciating Creativity

6 Illuminating Ideas for Teaching English Creatively 1. Teach Through Play 2. Incorporate Students’ Interests into Your Lessons 3. Celebrate Student Accomplishments 4. Conduct Classroom Experiments 5. Encourage Reflective Thinking 6. Foster Connections Between Students

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