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Novice Mid (YLE Starters)

Novice mid -- Children from 7-8 years

Novice Mid (YLE Starters)

The course will prepare a junior learner to be able to produce isolated words and learned phrases within very predictable areas of need, with increased quality.

Vocabulary will be sufficient only for handling simple, elementary needs and expressing basic courtesies.
As a listener and/or reader s/he will be able to understand some short, learned utterances, particularly where context strongly supports understanding and speech is clearly audible.

The learner will comprehend words and phrases from simple questions, statements, high-frequency commands, and courtesy formulae with necessary repetition and/or at a slower rate of speech. S/he will be able to produce the symbols of the alphabetic system and identify an increasing number of highly contextualised words.

As a writer s/he will be able to copy or transcribe familiar words or phrases and reproduce some from memory.

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