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Self Grooming

Let’s Just Talk

Let’s Just Talk Masterclass with Karlo Poljaković, COTE and Cambridge Examiner Join my conversation course which has been specifically developed to help improve your English speaking skills and build up your confidence during daily interactions. You may have great writing, reading and listening skills, but find holding a conversation extremely […]

Main Suit

First Knights and Ladies of Excalibur   1 Lady Nevena Popović 2 Sir Aleksandar Mrmoš 3 Lady Slađana Lazendić 4 Lady Ana Lazić 5 Lady Tamara Jovanović 6 Lady Tatjana Stanojlović 7 Lady Isidora Bjelaković 8 Lady Majda Cerić 9 Sir Mihailo Jovanović 10 Sir Danko Miočinović 11 Sir Slobodan […]

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